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Expanded metal mesh


We have been China’s leading supplier of premium quality Expanded Metal Mesh to the air filtration industry from 1990. Our ability to manufacture in coil form permits our customers to cut various lengths from the same width coil, minimising both scrap and inventory. Alternatively we can supply blanks of the exact length and width required for filter manufacture.




TB: 4-30mm      TL: 2-20mm

TT: 0.3-0.8mm    TW: 0.5mm-1.5mm

We can supply most products in coils of up to 100 metres long to a width tolerance of +/- 0.20mm for slit coil, or +/- 0.50mm without slitting.

Coils can be ordered in any width between 500mm and 1250mm. This allows customers to purchase exactly the finished size needed and minimise waste.


Surface Treatment:


Pvc coated;

Hot-dipp galvanized;

Electric galvanized;


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