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Oil filter making machine
Knife type pleating machine, Oil filter paper pleating machine
Oil filter spiral core making machine
Filter end cap gluing machine, Oil filter sealing machine
Pneumatic spot welding machine
Pleats clipping machine, Silk printing machine
Oil filter cover tapping machine
Spin-on filter leak tester, Tunnel oven
Hydraulic oil filter pleats slitting machine, Hydraulic oil filter corrugated slitting machine
 SL-3B1100 Pleating Machine Line

1. Paper feeding speed: 0.5 - 12m/min
2. Width available: 35 - 1100mm 
3. Power: 0.75KW 380V
4. Machine weight: 400KG
5. Machine dimension:1250mm x 680mm x 1120mm

1. Marking height: 8 - 60mm
2. Width maximum: 1100mm
3. Power: 1.1KW 380V
4. Machine weight: 400KG
5. Machine dimension: 1500mm x 850mm x 1200mm
1. Pleating height: 8 - 55mm
2. Layers pleated: 1 - 5
3. Pleating speed: 20 - 120 pleats/min
4. Max. pleating width : 1100mm
5. Thickness of material: 0.5 - 3mm
6. Power: 1.1KW 380V
Heater Power: 3KW    Heat Temperature: 160°C 
7. Machine weight: 730KG
8. Machine dimension: 1430mm x 1550mm x 1400mm

This machine is used to produce the spiral filter cores instead of traditional process. It rolls in the galvanized coil sheet to form by extrusion and then to be seamed together and cut as per requested length.
1. Output: 20 -35 Pieces/minute
2. Spiral filter core diameter: ¢28 - ¢118mm
3. Spiral filter core length: Adjustable
4. Metal sheet thickness: 0.25 - 0.40mm
5. Motor power: 3KW   380V
6. Weight: 800KG   
7. Size: 3500 x 800 x 1380mm

Two Component Filter Gluing machine
This is used for the bonding filter paper and metal.

1. Cover dia. available: ¢60 - 350mm
2. Capacity of glue tank: 50KG
3. Flux of glue: 3-50g/s
4 Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
5 Power of motor: 2.2KW



Sealing Machine

This is specialized in sealing the spin-on filter.
1. Output: 12 pieces/min.
2. Diameter of filter house available: ¢50--¢130mm
3. Height of filter (house) available: 50 - 325mm
4 Thickness of metal material: 0.3 - 1.0mm
5 Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
6 Power of motor: 4KW 380V
7 Weight: 800KG
8 Size: 940 x 640 x 2150mm

Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine

1 Rated capacity: 100KVA,
2 Rated primary voltage: 380V/50HZ,
3 Phase no. 1,
4 Adjustable series: 2,
5 Rated primary current: 263A,
6 Working air pressure: 0.4MPa,
7 Weight 700kgs;
8 Size 1070*520*1800mm (L*W*H).

Clipping Machine

This is used in seaming the filter paper by metal tapes. The seam is tight and fastened well. This equipment feed the metal tape and cut it automaticly.

1. Capacity: 10 Pieces/Min.
2. Filter height: 20 - 500mm
3. Pleat height: available
4. Thickness: 0.25 - 0.3mm Width: 12mm
Metal tape coil inner dia.: ¢≥150mm
Outer dia: ¢≤650mm
5. Power: 0.8KW 220V
6. Weight: 650KG
7. Size: 2000mm x 650mm x 1350mm

Tapping Machine

This tapping machine is used for tapping the screw board of oil and fuel filters. Easy operation and high efficiency.
1、 Output: 16pcs/min
2、 Tapping range: M16-M38
3、 Diameter:  ¢60--¢130mm

Silk Printing Machine

Diameter of goods :<=125mm
Printing speed: 1000pcs/hour
Length of goods :< =320mm
Working air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Power supply: 220V
Weight: 100kg
Size: 700*900*1250mm

Spin-on Filter Leak Tester

Air pressure: 0-0.8Mpa(Adjustable)
Output: 580pcs/hour
Motor power: 0.55KW 380V
Weight: 430kg
Size: 1030*650*1900mm


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