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Air filter making machine
Rotary air filter paper pleating machine, Car air filter paper pleating machine
Automatic PU dispensing machine, Two component end cap gluing machine
Filter end cap gluing machine, PU curing oven, circular oven
Air filter mesh nipping machine, Air filter string winding machine
Air filter rubber strip bonding machine
Air filter spiral support mesh making machine
Filter paper slitting machine, filter media slitting machine
Mesh cutting machine, mesh slitting machine
HEPA filter media pleating machine, fiber glass filter media pleating machine
Cabin air filter bonding machine, Mesh rolling machine

Rotary Air Filter Paper Pleating Machine

It is special for making heavy duty air filter; Have Counter, Marking, Slitting device,

Easy operation, High efficiency.



1. Pleating speed: 3 - 40M/min

2. Max. Pleating width: 620mm

3. Pleating height: 13-75mm

4. Power: 1.5KW 380V

5. Heater temperature: 0°C - 200°C

6. Weight: 800KG

7. Size: 1800mm x 1220mm x 1350mm



1. Pleating speed: 3 - 40M/min

2. Max. Pleating width: 750mm

3. Pleating height: 13-75mm

4. Power: 1.5KW 380V

5. Heater temperature: 0°C - 200°C

6. Weight: 900KG

7. Size: 1800mm x 1350mm x 1350mm


Panel Air Filter Paper Pleating Machine
It's equipped with advanced gluing machine and glue melting faster speed. Easy operation and high efficiency.

1. Width available: 70mm - 250mm
2. Pleating height available: 20mm - 70mm
3. Speed available: 5m - 25m/minute
4. Motor power: 7.5KW
5. Air pressure: 0.2 - 0.3Mpa
6. Weight: 500KG
7. Size: 1800 x 1200 x 1000mm







Air Filter PU Injection Machine

The machine is mainly suitable for PU air filter, can produce both round and panel air filter, easy to operate, high efficiency, easy matching.    


1. Filter end cap dia. available: 400 x 350mm

2. Capacity of glue tank: 100L 100L 60L

3. Flux of glue: Adjustable

4 Duration of gluing: Adjustable

5 Air pressure: 5-8kg/cm2

6 Power: Three-phase 380V 8KVA

7 Size: 1800 x1400 x 1900mm












PU Curing Oven

The machine is mainly used in curing of PU type filter after injection; it has several stations, easy operation and high efficiency.




Automatic Air Filter Metal Mesh Rolling Machine

The machine can to Slitting, Cutting, and Rolling at one time.

PLC control, High precision, Easy operation, High efficiency.

1. Width: 50-1250mm
2. Power: 1.1kw
3. Weight: 750kg
4. Size: 1700 x1900 x 1500 mm






Air Filter Metal Mesh Nipping Machine

This machine is mainly used for the roll forming air filter metal mesh.

1. Max width: 620mm

2. Blunt pressure: 12T

3. Speed: 10pcs/min 


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