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Expanded metal machine

Our expanded metal machine has attained advanced technowledge , scientific maturity, and practical usage that may expanded metal, aluminum expanded metal, but also titanium plate metal, copper plate metal, aluminum foil metal and expanded metal of other material, including all kinds of ordinary rhomboid with the thickness inferior to 6mm, which are widely used for construction, household hardware, doors and windows, guarding of machinery and electronic industrial sound network, decorations scour all kinds of metal mesh.

Feeder punching and shearing number of times from scratch, any range can be cut.


Nominal pressure: 160KN
Working speed: 150times/min
Working width: ≤1000mm
Material thickness: ≤1.5mm
Distance of feeding: 0-10mm
Power: 3KW
Weight: 2.8t
Measurement: 1900mm*1100mm*2000mm



Nominal pressure: 450KN
Working speed: 130times/min
Working width: ≤1500mm
Material thickness: ≤2.0mm
Distance of feeding: 0-12mm
Power: 7.5KW
Weight: 6t
Measurement: 2500mm*1500mm*2200mm



Nominal pressure: 1250KN
Working speed: 36times/min
Working width: ≤2000mm
Material thickness: ≤6mm
Distance of feeding: 3.5-7mm
Power: 22KW
Weight: 12.5t
Measurement: 5900mm*3300mm*2000mm



Expanded metal molds

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