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Industry filter adhesive



It is applicable for paper filtering core of such internal combustion engines as automobile and tractor, the cementation between paper and iron sheet or plastic.

1. Room temperature curing adhesive.

2. Anti-wear and oil resistance

3. Good adhesiveness for mental and paper

4. Impact resistance, stripping resistance, anti-vibration and anti-fatigue

5. Environmentally friendly products.



1, The surface of end cap is supposed to be washed clean for getting rid of oil stain and dust, and dried completely. Any oil stain, water or other impurities should not exist on the surface, or the adhesive strength will be affected.

2, Before the charge mixture, material-A in the barrel should be stirred or inverted, material-A and material-B are mixed at the mixture ratio of 6:1 and stirred evenly.

3, Inject appropriate adhesive into the end cap and wait for a moment. The adhesive should be smeared evenly on every corner of cap surface.

4, Insert filter paper (or central tube) into the end cap and check the surfaces of two adhesive pieces. After complete contact, give a little pressure on the top of end cap and hold for a moment.

5, After curing for around 2 hours, reverse and adhere the other end cap. It can be packaged when complete drying after 10 hours and used after 2 days.


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