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Heat curing adhesive

PVC adhesive

It is suitable for bonding of paper elements of filters and metal end caps of combustion motors.(air filter, fuel filter, oil filter)

1. On the metal cover has a strong adhesive force
2. Good resistance to water and oil. Anti-aging properties
3. With wide technological adaptability, it can be adapted to drying channels and ovens. It is also suitable for bonding and solidification of two ends together to improve production efficiency.
4. Machine injection and manual injection are both available.
5. It has long storage time without deterioration, sediment or agglomeration.


1, The surface of end cover should removed oil ,rust and other impurities,The adhesive should be smeared evenly on every corner of cap surface,Thickness is not less than 2mm.
2, With different equipment and conditions, the instrument will display temperature which is different from actual temperature around the filter. So you should undertake technology detection to assure temperature and ensure the best bonding. If the temperature is too low, bonding effect will be affected


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