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Europe and America strengthening vehicle inspection
Since the emissions testing Volkswagen exposed fraud scandal, environmental regulators began to strengthen management, trying to eradicate violations, automobile companies have also vigilant, but trouble after another being staged.
"There within the industry and regulatory authorities have lost credibility, we find the usual vehicle certification, suddenly extended from the original four weeks to three months, and then we had to postpone the new car market time." Daimler CEO Cai during the Geneva Motor show last week, Che said, "this is not a business of the Mercedes-Benz experience, I think this has become a common phenomenon."
Recently, the US and European environmental regulator said it would before the issuance of new car license, increase emissions testing process, or a move to extend the processing time.
Up to now, only Volkswagen is accused of deliberately manipulating emissions testing behavior. However, a number of executives said car prices in Europe and the US environmental regulators opinion, the scandal affected the reputation of the whole industry.