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Toyota's global sales to return to the top

Toyota Motor Corporation announced the latest data show that three quarters of 2015 (January to September), the group as a whole (including Daihatsu and Hino Motors) global sales fell 1.5% over the previous year, fell to 7.498 million, but more than Volkswagen, return to the first global car sales. In the North American market, sales of pickup trucks and other large vehicles strong performance of the overall sales propped up, offsetting the impact of the sales tax increase due to the consumption tax and the sluggish performance in Japan and emerging market countries market downturn.


In addition, sales volume comparable with Toyota Volkswagen (VW) for the same period fell 1.5% to 7,430,800, less than the Toyota. The first half of 2015, Volkswagen had more than Toyota, ranking first in the world, but the first three quarters of Toyota ranks first again.


Due to the impact of diesel exhaust detect counterfeiting problems and the main market of China's economy stalled, Volkswagen September global sales fell 1.5%. The idea that the problem affected by fraud, Volkswagen sales in North America and other markets in the future will decline.